Kalmar padelhall PAHLFER Gr.100 brassPAHLFER parkering PadelhallenPAHLFER Kalmar padelhallPAHLFER GR.100 Kalmar padelhallPAHLFER GR.100 padelhallen i Kalmar

Vamos Padel Club / Kalmar

Designer: Bysso Interiör AB

Metal mesh: GR.100

Material: Brass

We have had the privilege of manufacturing a metal curtain in brass with wall locks for the newly built paddle hall in Kalmar, Vamos Padel Club, for their restaurant and bar. The metal curtain encloses the counter when the curtain is locked, but when the bar is open, it is draped on one side of the counter. The metal curtain is made of metal mesh GR.100 and has been mounted on folding profiles with wheels so that the parking space will be as small as possible. Since the metal mesh has a large open area, there will be great transparency for the paddle hall even when the restaurant has closed and the curtain is locked.

Materials used

Pahlfer GR.100 – Brass

Metal mesh GR.100 is made of bent metal wires. As the metal mesh is very light and has great transparency, it is suitable for furnishings such as ceilings, partitions, room dividers and metal curtains with or without locking.

We offer serie GR in stainless steel with different wire sizes and with different sizes of openness. Metal mesh GR.45, GR.127 and GR.716.

Nordic gold is a material very similar to brass and which is an alloy of mostly copper but also a little aluminum, zinc and tin.